Tesla Factories Lose Billions of Dollars

In an interview, Elon Musk announced that Tesla factories in Berlin, Austin and Texas lost billions of dollars. So, why is Tesla losing money even though it is loved in the industry?

The richest person in the world, sitting at the head of Tesla and SpaceX Elon MuskAn interview of ‘s recorded at the end of last month was served. In fact, a certain part of this interview has already been shared, but the most crucial parts seem to be left to today. According to the statements made by Elon Musk, Tesla’s new factories, billions of dollars it’s starting to hurt. So why?

Elon Musk said Tesla factories in Berlin, Austin and Texas “money furnacedescribes it as “Like the sound of a giant roar, the sound of burning money…Making a literary statement, Musk said that factories are being rebuilt. to earn money He says he has plans. The days ahead will show if things will go well.

“There is a ton of expense”

Expressing that factories have lost billions of dollars, Elon Musk said, “There is a ton of expense. But no production…“He used the expressions. This is exactly the reason for the money losses. Factories, self-inflicted problems cannot produce due to Even if it does, it is not at the desired level. So what exactly is the problem with Tesla?


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The cause of the crisis in Tesla is China. of cars used in battery Some components come from China, but COVID-19 restrictions and other disruptions in the country have brought Tesla to a standstill. In fact, things have reached such a level that a ship belonging to Tesla It needs to leave port in China. But there is no one person who can do this job. This is what makes Tesla’s giga factories lose billions of dollars. Elon Musk”All of these will be resolved very quickly but require a lot of attention.using the phrases ” for solution you’re working has indicated.

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