Tesla Cybertruck Doors Do Not Fit Correctly

It has been claimed that the stainless steel panels that Tesla decided to use in its Cybertruck models have already started to cause problems.

Introduced by Elon Musk a few years ago Tesla Cybertruck, created great excitement with its interesting appearance. Musk of this vehicle “will withstand even the apocalypse” He said it was a pick-up. The reason for this durability was the extra hard stainless steel used. However, this steel creates another problem: the panels do not fit properly.

Cybertruck’s troubles are endless

In general, things are not going well at all in Tesla’s Cybertruck production. It’s not going the way they want. The launch of the vehicles was postponed until November 30, and the delivery event on that date was also delayed. only 10 vehicles it will be delivered. In the models examined before delivery, the doors ill-fitting It is noticed that it looks like this and there are gaps between the panels.

There is currently no statement from Tesla regarding the issue. With vehicles coming to the roads in the near future, According to the reactions from users We can wait for a statement from the company.

used by Tesla ultra hard stainless steel because of It is quite normal for there to be small gaps between the panels. It is not easy to manipulate this material and shape it into different shapes. Moreover, once shaped, it tries to return to its original state. That’s why such gaps may remain.


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In his previous statements, Musk said that a quarter million per year will be produced by 2025. Cybertruck He stated that he wanted to put it on the market. In the current situation, it does not seem easy to increase production to that level. for Tesla,Cybertruck more than 2 million had taken a reservation.

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