Tempo 130: Majority for speed limit on motorways – domestic policy

It is one of THE controversial topics in the election campaign: the Greens, the SPD and the Left are calling for a speed limit on German motorways in their election programs, the Union and the FDP categorically reject this.

A new study by the Institute of German Economics in Cologne now shows that it would only affect a minority of motorists.

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Even on sections of the autobahn with no speed limit, 77 percent of the cars drive a maximum of 130 km / h, twelve percent drive between 130 and 140 km / h, a good nine percent between 140 and 160 km / h and less than two percent drive faster than 160 km / h .

Half of the high-speed drivers were on the road between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m.
“Viewed over a whole day, the data show that even on unlimited motorway sections only a very small proportion of motorists drive significantly faster than the recommended speed,” the study concluded.

For their evaluation, the scientists evaluated the data from the automated motorway counting stations in North Rhine-Westphalia from mid-May to the end of August. They provide information in real time about how fast individual cars are driving over certain sections of the motorway. A total of 1762 lanes and 1.2 billion car movements were included in the analysis.

Tempo 130: Majority for speed limit on motorways
Photo: BILD

A general speed limit would currently have an absolute majority in the population. According to an INSA survey for BamS on Friday (1001 respondents), 52 percent are in favor, 42 percent are against (don’t know / no answer: six percent). ⇥toc