Taxi and Buses to be Tracked Instantly in Istanbul

IMM Public Transportation Control and Management Center started its services at the July 15 Democracy Bus Terminal in Bayrampaşa. The center will monitor over 15 thousand taxis and nearly 7,000 minibuses, minibuses and minibuses with in-vehicle cameras and perform driver inspections.

As it is known, sometimes forensic incidents can occur in public transportation vehicles and taxis; such that the number of these events has reached approximately 7 thousand annually. In order to prevent these situations, the Public Transportation Control and Management Center of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 15 thousand taxi and 7 thousand bus cameras and It will track it with a GPS system.

IMM Public Transportation Control and Management Center, which started its service at the July 15 Democracy Bus Terminal in Bayrampaşa; It consists of 2 units: Camera Vehicle Tracking Chief and Supervision Chief. The center operates more than 15 thousand taxis and nearly 7 thousand minibuses, minibuses and taxi dolmuses in Istanbul. with in-vehicle cameraswill perform driver inspections.

Approximately 7 thousand judicial cases will be clarified:

By sharing the data with the judicial authorities and security forces, it will be ensured that approximately 7 thousand judicial cases experienced in the vehicles annually will be clarified. With the GPS, that is, the satellite-based tracking system, which will be in the vehicles, the problems of extending the route of the taxis will also come to an end. With the complaint submitted to the IMM Beyaz Masa, the routes of the taxis and in-vehicle images will be viewed in this center. If the taxi driver is found to be at fault during the investigations, criminal action will be taken. In addition, in cases of not picking up customers or unloading the customer on the road, in-vehicle cameras will be examined and solutions will be sought.

Of course, with these applications, the safety of not only passengers but also taxi drivers is considered. As a matter of fact, panic buttons will be used within the system to protect taxi drivers from negativities. By using these buttons, taxi drivers will be able to request help by contacting the Public Transportation Control and Management Center by pressing the panic button in case of a negative situation in the vehicle. Minibuses with 4 cameras and taxis with 3 cameras. will be under immediate observation.

City Lines ferries will also be included in the system:

city ​​lines

Including the audit staff working at the headquarters, fixed and field, the total 84 personnel are on duty. The personnel in the field will instantly transfer the inspections they make with their vehicles to the center. The negativities displayed in the center can be intervened by notifying the vehicles. City Lines ferries will also be included in this system in the near future.

Providing information about the IMM Public Transportation Control and Management Center, IMM Public Transportation Services Deputy Director Cem Ocak said:We archive the images to instantly control and monitor public transportation vehicles within the borders of Istanbul, to archive the images here and to share them with the judicial authorities and police units when necessary. This also helps to illuminate many events. We have 17 thousand 395 taxis in total. 15 thousand of them already have our systems installed, our assembly continues in the rest. Our systems are already installed in our 7 thousand minibuses and taxi minibuses.

Taxi drivers will have a panic button:

taxi panic button

“Apart from that, our center will have the following feature: we have a panic button in our systems in our taxis. If these panic buttons are pressed in any negative situation, we will receive a warning. We will reach the driver at that moment and ask the driver ‘yes’ or ‘no’ whether there is a negative situation or not. We will communicate using an encrypted communication method. If we get a negative situation, we immediately share the situation with our law enforcement units, and since we have not only camera monitoring but also GPS data of our vehicles at the same time, we aim to share this with our law enforcement units and help shed light on the incident or help our shopkeepers not to be victimized.”

Jan continued:We have 2 cameras in our taxis that monitor the front and the back, we have 4 cameras in our minibuses, and 3 cameras in the taxi cab. From the systems on our vehicles in the GPS data, we can tell you where our vehicle is, where the taxi is instantly in order to lengthen the road when it picks up a customer or to intervene in case of an opposite situation, which street and street in Istanbul. we can see, watch and control

Taxi drivers will be prevented from circulating passengers:

taxi driver

“When we can get an image here about an incident in the taxi, it is 80-90 percent more possible to illuminate the events. Because there may be some problems in one-to-one, but when there is an image, everything is very clear. When we received any complaints, such as I took a taxi, the taxi driver forced me to take me down or did not want to take me, or wandered too much over GPS data, we reached our solution center. complaints reach us.

“Here, it is evaluated on the system by our friends and the taxi or minibus is in whichever public transport vehicle it is in. We apply the necessary sanctions and we provide feedback to our citizens. When we see a negativity during the instant monitoring, our teams in the field can quickly report the location and ensure that it is transferred quickly.”


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“In any way to our image recorder devices There is a sanction when it is physically intervened. I give an example; Even if he changes the angle of the camera, there is a sanction for this. When we encounter such an incident, we directly suspend the license and work certificate and invite the person to the inspection center, to see why he behaved this way or how the physical intervention took place. Because after performing the physical intervention, I cannot control the interior of the vehicle. So when he interferes in any way, it has a heavy sanction.”

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