Take Note of These Penny-Priced Altcoin Projects! 100x They Can

Victor, an analyst at Altcoin Buzz, listed 3 high-potential projects with a price below $1. These altcoins have the potential to make 100x on the next bull due to their low prices.

Analyst with million subscribers: These are 3 altcoins with 100x potential

The analyst’s first choice was Aleph Zero (AZERO). This protocol is completely focused on privacy. Additionally, there are many new additions to the altcoin ecosystem. But this year, two major homemade products are still waiting to be released. Here are some of them:

  • Frontier 1.0: This upgrade will launch in Q4. This is the privacy-enhancing layer of Aleph Zero. We should see the launch of Liminal 2.0 in 2024. This is the full version.
  • Common: This is their DEX. He will deal with MEV’s issues. This is the Maximum Extractable Value. For example, it allows running from the front. Common will discuss the negative and positive aspects of MEV.

Aleph Zero continues its development. The latest features added to the Altcoin project are as follows:

  • Aleph Zero Control Panel: Here you can edit your AZERO assets. For example, stake or view the performance of staking pools.
  • Aleph Zero Signer: Manage your accounts and sign Dapps.
  • idOS – An open source, chain-agnostic solution designed to be the identity layer of Web3.

The ecosystem has also seen many new additions. For example, we saw this recently.

  • Azero.ID: The first domain service that keeps your wallets and transactions private.
  • Ledger: AZERO application is in the auditing phase. It will soon be available on Ledger AZERO.
  • Abax: A lending protocol.

Another great feature of Aleph Zero is its cheap gas fees. Even if AZERO does x1000, gas fees won’t be much more than $0.50. Also in this bear market the team is active and continues to improve. So all systems work with Aleph Zero. The current price of AZERO is $0.80. With a market cap of $194.7 million, AZERO is currently a steal.

Morpheus Network (MNW)

We are moving to the supply chain with Morpheus Network. To be more specific, they are a middleware solution. In other words, legacy systems can be built on top of Morpheus. For example DHS, FedEx, UPS, AccessPay or Swift. Therefore, Morpheus wants to automate and optimize supply chain operations.

It also has a global payment option. This means that payments can be made in any currency via SWIFT. It also has automated smart contracts for fast payments. A prominent feature is its compliance focus. Morpheus is further optimizing the supply chain with developments such as:

  • IoT or Internet of Things. This allows you to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems. You can use the Internet or other communication networks.
  • RFID technology or radio frequency identification. This allows tags attached to objects to be identified and tracked.

Additional features

According to analysts, the altcoin project is doing well and has a great future. That’s because 28.5 billion paper documents are still used annually in the supply chain. This proves that the supply chain is not as automated as you think. Many jurisdictions still require paper documents. This paper trail can slow down the supply chain. Morpheus offers a traceable and verifiable solution with Blockchain technology. You can purge these digital documents (dDOCs) in minutes instead of days or weeks.

As mentioned before, Morpheus is a middleware. This means it is independent of Blockchain. So it can adapt to Blockchains. It uses software as a service (SaaS) as a business model. So there’s plenty of growth and opportunity for this platform. Finally, the MNW token is currently just above $1.15. With a market cap of $43.3 million, you’ve got another great deal on your hands.

Kaspa (KAS)

Kaspa is a PoW chain. It is also completely open source. This means there is no central management. Additionally, the altcoin project witnessed a fair launch. If you’re not familiar with this, this means there is no pre-mining or other pre-allocation. So, among PoW chains, Kaspa is the fastest chain. It also offers the most scalable instant confirmation processes. For example, there is a block time of 1 second.

This is a bit different compared to Bitcoin which has a block time of 10 minutes. The team is trying to improve this block time. This is especially ideal for smart contracts and DeFi. Kaspa uses a blockDAG. This allows parallel validation of blocks. Unlike a standard Blockchain, it uses a linear system. In other words, it is a long blockchain consisting of single blocks.

It also uses the GhostDAG protocol. This protocol ensures that blocks created in parallel do not remain redundant. Instead, they can coexist. The chart shows how this works. Now let’s look at some key features of the altcoin project:

  • Fast transactions within 10 seconds.
  • Instant Approval.
  • It is scalable because it can create and confirm large numbers of blocks per second.
  • Efficient PoW consumes less energy.
  • Trustworthy.
  • BlockDAG enables parallel block generation.

Mobile wallet features

Kaspa has its own mobile/web wallet. It also offers the KDX desktop wallet. Dapps built on the altcoin network include:

  • Zelcore is a Web3 wallet.
  • Tangem wallet.
  • OneKey wallet.

As you can see, there is a lot going on in Kaspa. The altcoin is currently trading at $0.0499. However, it currently has a market value of $1 billion. In particular, it increased by 884% in 1 year. So, there is another wonderful thing to experience. Therefore, analyst Victor expects the momentum to continue exponentially with new buyers. cryptokoin.com You can take a look at the other selections of the analysts we quoted in this article.

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