Suzuki introduced the new hybrid SUV model S-Cross!

Japanese automaker Suzuki introduced the new hybrid SUV model S-Cross at its online event today. The company has made some radical changes in this model, which has been liked by its users for a long time. It raises the bar one step further in terms of fuel efficiency, four-wheel drive, safety, communication technologies and design.

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Here are the features of the hybrid SUV Suzuki S-Cross introduced

The new S-Cross welcomes us with a glossy black front grille under the chrome-plated logo, changing front and rear LEDs, and new fenders with a slightly more angular design instead of a round one. In the interior, knee and head distance improvements have been made in the 5-person seating area. However, it still comes with a trunk volume of 430 liters.

Of course, in addition to the leather seats and panoramic glass roof offered as an option, it also comes full of technology. The car, which comes with wireless phone connection technologies, offers Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support with its 9-inch screen.

In addition, the images of the cameras that can provide 360-degree views can also be followed from this screen. In addition, it comes with some new features such as the adaptive cruise control system that can monitor the speed of the vehicle in front, and the environmental awareness system, as well as the ability to see instantaneous fuel, traction power and electric motor information.

In addition to the 1.4-liter BoosterJet, a direct-injection turbo engine, the vehicle also has a 48V SHVS mild hybrid system. This secondary engine is said by Suzuki to be very beneficial in terms of acceleration, torque and fuel consumption. In addition, an all-wheel drive package will be available with the AllGrip Select version for those who want the vehicle to offer a real off-road and SUV experience.

Type SUV
Dimensions 4300mm x 1785mm x 1580mm
interior volume 1230 liters
Luggage volume 430 liters
Fuel type Petrol/Electric hybrid
Electrical engine 48V SHVS (WA06B)
Engine 1.4 BoosterJet (K14D) 4×2 and 4×4
Tire size 215/60/R16 – 215/55/r17
Emission standard Euro 6
Android Auto – Apple CarPlay Available/ Wireless
Horsepower and Torque power 95 kW/129 hp – 235 Nm
Colour options

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