SUV for Egea money: Chery price list leaked!

The world-famous China-based car manufacturer Chery has entered the Turkish market again after a long hiatus. Moreover, this time he will not only bring his cars. It plans to use Turkey as a production and distribution base for Europe in the coming period. Today, the price list of 3 new Chery SUV models that will be introduced tomorrow has leaked.

All models will have a 1.6-liter petrol engine

Although its sales in our country were stopped a long time ago, Chery, one of the largest automotive brands in the world, is among the leading automobile names in China. The company, which achieved great success especially with its Acteco series engines, had a say in the Chinese and global markets with its SUV class models.

He says that he has made a 5-year plan for returning to the Turkish market. In the first place, Tiggo 7 Pro, Tiggo 8 Pro and Omoda 5 will bring 3 models with 1.6-liter gasoline engine and 7-speed automatic transmission. But this trio will only be an introductory step.

Make-up Clio goes on sale in Turkey: Here is the date!

Make-up Clio goes on sale in Turkey: Here is the date!

Turkey sales date was given for the 2024 facelift Renault Clio, which was seen during the commercial shoot in Valencia, Spain in February.

Because the company actually intends to introduce its electric cars to this market. Moreover, the plans are not just that. It plans to make Turkey a production base in the coming period. It aims to offer more competitive prices in Europe through the new factory they will build here.

The prices of the models, which are expected to be introduced tomorrow, have become clear with the emergence of the insurance value list of the Insurance Association of Turkey (TSB). According to the news of Yiğitcan Yıldız from Habertürk, the Chery price list will be as follows:

Chery price list

  • Omoda 5 Comfort: 845 thousand TL
  • Omoda 5 Luxury: 905 thousand TL
  • Omoda 5 Excellent: 965 thousand TL
  • Tiggo 7 Pro Comfort: 875 thousand TL
  • Tiggo 7 Pro Luxury: 935 thousand TL
  • Tiggo 7 Pro Excellent: 995 thousand TL
  • Tiggo 8 Pro Luxury: 1 million 50 thousand TL
  • Tiggo 8 Pro Excellent: 1 million 150 thousand TL

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