Support for left application: Will there be free tampons soon? | Regional

Hamburg’s – “The period is political.”

The Left Party writes in an application that BILD has.

The paper says: “Tampons and sanitary towels should be available free of charge in toilets as well as toilet paper. This would not only help poor people, but all menstruating people. “

The free tampons are to be laid out in public buildings such as authorities, schools or universities.

Group leader Cansu Özdemir (33): “Small effort for the city, big effect for those affected!”

The government factions are open to the issue!

Mareike Engels (33, Greens) announced in response to a BILD request that the application would be transferred to the Equal Opportunities Committee: “Similar applications were already decided in the districts on our initiative.”

Gabi Dobusch (63, SPD) adds: “Inexpensive monthly hygiene products are a question of equality.”

And the FDP?

Bundestag candidate Ria Schröder (29): “I think that the products offered in public institutions are good – free of charge or at cost price.”