Stunning Bitcoin (BTC) Remarks from Cardano (ADA) Founder: Let’s Move to PoS

Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson believes that in the coming years, Bitcoin (BTC) will be used by all kinds of decentralized applications, smart contracts and even nation states.

Charles Hoskinson recently made interesting predictions about Bitcoin in a YouTube broadcast he participated in. Cardano founder appreciating the benefits of Bitcoin’s robust monetary policy mark 5 years ahead he did. In his speech, Hoskinson suggested that after 5 years there will be more Bitcoins outside the main chain than on the main chain.

Hoskinson in the said publication, wBTC It is used to transact on different networks such as “Decentralized” lending platforms and to generate interest income.wrapped upHe touched on the importance of Bitcoins. Wrapped (s Bitcoin (wBTC) currently $4.8 billion 1 of the crypto market by market capranked 9th The billionaire founder believes that this will come to the fore even more in the future.

In addition to his good words about Bitcoin, Hoskinson Proof of Work He also mentioned that he is worried that the (PoW) system is consuming too much energy and that this may cause problems in the future. To issue 2 million Bitcoins in the next 100 years Believing that spending a large amount of energy is not a reasonable option, Hoskinson sees a change in Bitcoin’s mining structure as a must.

Although concerns about energy have been voiced by many commentators, Bitcoin’s working structure is different from the Proof of Work system. Proof of Stake (PoS) system does not seem unlikely and easy for the short term.

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