Strong Criticism of Binance and FTX from Former SEC Chairman for What Happened: Blockchain Not Guilty!

Jay Clayton, who is known as the former Chairman of the SEC and the person behind the Ripple (XRP) lawsuit, has been harshly critical of Binance and FTX while praising blockchain technology.

In a program broadcast by Bloomberg on June 9, Jay Clayton said, US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) opened by coinbase and made statements after the Binance lawsuits. Clayton, who spoke highly of blockchain technology in his statements, said, Binance And to FTX he said harsh words.

The old president, Binance And coinbase of the cases different An investor in the middle in the Binance case while the act of deception is seen What happened in the Coinbase case? securities He said it was at the forefront of the debate.

Claims in the Binance lawsuit unacceptable Clayton, describing this situation as in the US financial system anyone’s that you wouldn’t want stated. Also ex-president Binance soon bankruptcy cryptocurrency exchange FTX with on the same scale put it.

However, in the industry your bad behavior or of the actors to blockchain technology not reflect bad Clayton argues that blockchain technology future global markets for quite important pointed out that it might.

on the other hand regulations institutions on thick to be giving support former president who looks like of regulators bow to technology shouldn’t bend remarks about it.

of something popular for him to be special regulations or stretches about doing won’t be enough Clayton, who hinted at it, made the following statements on the subject:

Would you re-regulate the entire ticket industry because the tickets for the Taylor Swift concert are so popular and the market depth is high?

former president recently on CNBC In another statement he gave, the two cases touched on the differences and at this point both on the same scale to put misleading inferences to do From where suggested it would.

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