Steam Charts Show Top Selling and Played Games

Steam has introduced a new statistics page called Charts to the service of players. The page, which improves the player experience at an unprecedented level, shows the best-selling games on an instant, weekly and monthly basis. The games with the most players at the moment are also shown.

Launched by Valve in 2003, it has achieved great success as the world’s most popular online game store today. Steam, got a new feature that will improve the user experience in general. Launching a page called “Steam Charts”, the platform allows players to review the most popular games on a monthly and weekly basis. Moreover, on this page real-time data is shared.

When you enter the Steam Charts page, you can see which game is currently playing along with the best-selling games. has the highest number of players You can also see that it is. It will also allow you to understand which games are popular in which countries. country filter It is placed on the de Charts page. Thus, when you want to buy a new game, you can first browse this page and have a general idea about the games. For example; You can see the best selling games in Turkey with a single click.

Here’s what Steam Charts look like

New page on Steam, as of now how many people It shows online on Steam. In this context; On the platform where 16 million 980 thousand 936 players are online, the game with the most players is CS: GO. As of now, 441 thousand 243 people are playing CS: GO. At the top of the bestseller list, it has not yet been released. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2We witness its existence.

Best selling games in Turkey


When we enter the bestseller section of Steam Charts, the country filter in the upper right does not escape our attention. Click here for another country or all Steam users around the world You can set it to cover. In the menu on the left, you can examine the most played games instantly, or you can choose last week or month access statistics. Of course, you can view the instant prices of the games on this page.


Its developers have created the monthly rankings pages quite extensively and functional they designed it. So much so that when you want to see the statistics for July 2022, you can have detailed information about the best-selling games of that month, and examine the list of popular free-to-play games, best selling DLCYou can view ‘s and access shared blog posts from developers.

To Steam’s newly introduced Steam Charts, which actually replaces the Stats page from here you can reach.


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