Spotify’s Move To Podcast Spreading COVID-19 Disinformation

The world’s most popular podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, has been criticized in recent weeks for spreading misinformation about COVID-19. Faced with backlash for publishing the program, Spotify removed more than 70 episodes of the podcast from its platform after criticism.

Presented by famous comedian and actor Joe Rogan in the past few weeks, it has been described as the most popular podcast in the world with 11 million active listeners. ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’It came to the fore for spreading false information about COVID-19. In fact, a group of more than 260 scientists sent an open letter to Spotify, where the program is located, warning that such content should not be allowed.

After that, the event escalated even more. Many famous names began to react harshly to Spotify and Rogan. Famous Canadian songwriter Neil Young was also involved in these discussions and announced that he did not want to be on the same platform with Joe Rogan. In fact, the famous rock band of the 90s, Belly, expressed their reactions by adding the text ‘Delete Spotify’ to the home page of the platform. Now there has been an important development about this event.

More than 70 episodes have been removed from Spotify

In the past days, we mentioned that Spotify is considering making a move on the subject after being criticised. The company also announced last month that it would add a warning to content that could potentially spread misinformation. CEO Daniel Ek He described the situation as “confused” and stated that they took into account the concerns of the medical and scientific communities.

Now, the news has shown that a step has been taken towards the famous podcast. According to the data of a website tracking deleted content, Joe Rogan’s program recently more than 70 episodes Removed from Spotify. However, it should be noted that this number is only a small part of the 1700-episode podcast.

Rogan also criticizes for his racist remarks

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Although there was no explanation from Spotify or Joe Rogan about the removed episodes, news site Huffpost reported that these episodes included programs with far-right Milo Yiannopoulos and white nationalist Stefan Molyneux.


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Finally, Joe Rogan, in addition to COVID disinformation, used his old programs to target black people. in racist terms was also on the agenda. Although the famous podcast host said that he regretted this situation, the criticisms of him and Spotify continued to increase without slowing down.

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