SpaceX Goes to Space with an All-Civilian Crew

SpaceX is gearing up to go into space this Wednesday with a team of a high school dropout, a professor, an artist, and a medical assistant. Thanks to the flight, which will take place as long as the weather conditions allow, a donation of 200 million dollars is planned to be collected for a children’s hospital.

Unless the weather conditions go wrong SpaceXThis is the world’s first all-civilian mission. Wednesday day FloridaGetting ready to launch.

of allI civilians his team; It consists of a high school dropout commander, a paramedic who survived childhood cancer, an artist, a college professor, and a man who, thanks to donations, was qualified for the job.

Commander; payment entrepreneur and jet pilot Jared Isaacman It will travel to orbit this week, following a special agreement between SpaceX and .

Through this journey, $200 million is planned to be funded to a children’s hospital:

The terms of the agreement were not disclosed; But Isaacman made this trip to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee, half out of his own pocket. 200 million dollars using it to collect a donation.

Isaacman dropped out of high school at the age of 16 and later started a business in his family’s basement that would later become Shift4.

Isaacman, who broke a world speed record while collecting donations under the Make-A-Wish program in 2009, later founded Draken International, the world’s largest private fighter jet fleet.

Billionaire, described as a successful jet pilot, “I really want us to live in a world 50-100 years from now, where people will jump on their rockets like the Jetsons and families will jump on the moon,” he says. “If we’re going to live in such a world, we better beat childhood cancer while doing so.‘ he adds.

Hayley Arceneaux

Another member of the team Hayley Arceneauxwas diagnosed with bone cancer as a child and recovered after treatment at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital; now she works at the same hospital helping leukemia and lymphoma patients. another team member Chris Sembroski He got the chance to take part in the journey after donating to the hospital.

Launch window local time 20.00It opens right after.


US Air Forceconditions for the launch, which will take place on Wednesday. 70% anticipates it will be favorable; but just in case a spare window will open for Thursday as well.

This SpaceX flight was designed for those who could not go to space according to international standards because they could enter orbit. Virgin Galactic and can only travel a few miles in space Blue Origin quite different from their duties. The billionaire owner of the company Elon MuskThe fact that ‘s will not be there is another thing that makes this mission different from the others.

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