SpaceX Astronaut Talks About 3-Day Space Travel

Astronaut on SpaceX’s Inspiration4 mission, Dr. Sian Proctor conducted an interview with National Geographic. Dr. Proctor stated in the interview that a 3-day journey is not enough.

A crew of four astronauts aboard the Inspiration4 mission, the first civilian spaceflight aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft, last month. 3 daysn remained in orbit.

in history first civilian spaceflight geoscientist Dr. Sian Proctor, 3 days for this trip not enough expressed.

Dr. Sian Proctor got sick for the first two days

Astronauts may experience a discomfort similar to motion sickness in space, due to the effect of the gravitational environment. Dr. Sian Proctor did not feel well in the first two days of the trip for a similar reason. Proctor, in an interview with National Geograph, “Space sickness is one of those things that many people suffer from.” said.

Dr. Proctor said that after the first two days of health problems, when he woke up on the third day, everything was perfect and he was able to adapt. He had a hard time accepting the end of the mission when he was just fine because everything was just beginning for him. “I would have gone longer, three days was not enough The astronaut, who made a statement, was in the Crew Dragon capsule. 5 days He stated that he thought a trip would be ideal.


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During the interview, Dr. Sian Proctor was also asked about the toilet disruption during space travel. Dr. Proctor is an easy-to-fix solution for the glitch by crew members. waste fan problem but become a bigger event than it really is. have been brought expressed.

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