Sony Gifted a PS1-Looking PS5 to Jim Ryan!

Sony organized a farewell party for PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan, who will retire in 2024. At the party, Ryan was presented with a one-of-a-kind, specially designed PS5 looking like a PS1.

Sony made an important statement about PlayStation in recent months. The company announced that Jim Ryan, who has been the CEO of the gaming division Sony Interactive Entertainment since 2019, will retire in March 2024. Ryan had been with Sony for 30 years.


PlayStation’s Boss Jim Ryan Announces He Will Retire

The company organized a farewell party for the famous businessman as PlayStation CEO prepared to leave his post. At the party, Ryan was also given a gift that would make gamers drool.

PlayStation 1-looking PlayStation 5 was gifted to Jim Ryan

Sony to Ryan one of a kind He gave me a console as a gift. In the image shared by a Sony employee named Yuichi Haga, this console A PlayStation 5 disguised as a PlayStation 1 It was seen to be.

The gift console that will touch those who once owned a PS1 is truly“I wish it were mine.” The kind that will make you say. Dualsense controller, Equipped with Dualshock 1 design and it looks amazing. In addition colors, those iconic big-tip connection cables and other details It also resembles the original PlayStation.

There is only one specially designed PlayStation 5 for now. It is not known for now whether Sony has plans to offer this popular PS5 for sale. However, in 2014, the company offered a limited edition PS4 with traces of the original console for the 20th anniversary of PlayStation. We’ll wait and see if something like this is done for PS5.


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