Sony Brings Pepsi vs Coca-Cola Rivalry to Cinemas

The rivalry between Pepsi and Coca-Cola, dating back to the 80s, is brought to the big screen.

Pepsi also Coca Cola carbonated drinks that are similar to each other. The competition between them manifests itself not only in our country but all over the world. While trying different flavors, fans of these brands that remain loyal to their own formulas argue as if they were a team, arguing that one is better than the other.

Subject of our news Cola Wars The production focuses on exactly this. Its exact subject is Pepsi’s effort to rival Coca-Cola, which has dominated the industry for years, in the 1980s. Although there are people and studios that will contribute capital to the project, it is the company that puts the final point on this work. from sony There was no one else.

According to Sony, the deal was worth 1 million dollars, and according to rumors, 1.5 million dollars.

of the Kola Wars (The Cola Wars) scenario; He is also the writer of Apple’s hugely popular Acapulco series. Jason Shuman and who wrote Cars 2 and 3 I’m Queen Written by. Let us also point out that Shuman is a Pepsi lover and Queen is a Coca-Cola lover. Although the duo has known each other before, Cola Wars will be their first collaborative project.

Michael Jackson’s hair in the movie during the Pepsi commercial burning and Coca-Cola New Coke Memorable events such as the reaction he faced will be featured. Today, Coca-Cola continues to maintain its leadership in the industry in terms of market value.

Other details of the film are not known at the moment. We can say that an investment has already been made in this film. We will share the details with you as they come to light.


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