Some Accounts on TikTok Announced as Fictional Characters

A company hired actors to make them look like non-existent TikTok celebrities. These celebrities have gained millions of followers and views.

In recent years, the star has been quite shining and has emerged from the social media platforms. able to attract attention TikTok has many users. While some of these users prefer to upload videos available on the internet to TikTok, the majority of them he makes his own videos.

But not all of those on this platform are “real users”. A group of actors came to the platform “infiltrating“Presenting themselves as someone they are not gained millions of followers but their fans are not real He did not notice.

Users aren’t actually real

FourFront social media and entertainment company named 22 actors by giving money He wanted them to pretend to be people who don’t really exist. As a result, these actors in total 1.93 million followers and gained hundreds of millions of views, but not one of his followers believed they were real. He did not notice.

This “your characters“The videos they would all shoot were pre-edited and transcribed. All the actors have to do is shoot these planned videos. #fictional was to share it with the (fictitious) hashtag.

“The stories of the characters are created to attract an audience”

Ilan Benjamin, co-founder of FourFront, said in a statement that the life stories of the characters played by the actors attract the attention of the audience and to encourage them to watch and comment more specially declared that it was written.

Actor Cameisha Cotton, who plays a character named Tia on TikTok and other social media, said in a statement.In all my videos texts were ready. In this way, I was able to focus on the presence of only me and two small lights and do my job comfortably. Our own movie on TikTok We become both the director and the actor.” said.

Anna Melamed, one of the founding partners of the company, has a relationship with TikTok. cooperation what they want to do and thus more “fictionalHe said they plan to have the TikTok celebrity featured on the platform.


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Ilan Bejamin said that users should not notice this situation.Focus on getting lost in videos and having fun” he declared.

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