Social Media Reactions to Zoo Videos

Zoos, which have started to be boycotted with the increase in awareness in recent years, again witnessed painful scenes. Images of the killer whale Kiska, who tried to commit suicide, and a bear that continued to pace when it was released into nature, spread on social media in a short time. There was a reaction on Twitter to the images that followed one after the other.

Zoos, where countless species have lived in captivity for years, have been on the agenda of social media today. The anti-zoo reactions, which started with images of a bear released from the zoo into the wild, were fueled by images of an orca hitting its head against the window.

Those who agree on the prohibition of keeping animals in cages, such as torture houses, for the visual enjoyment of people, ‘#HayvanatBahceleriClosed’ gathered under the hashtag. Under the hashtag, thousands of people showed their reactions by sharing images showing the impact of these organizations on animals.

Deplorable videos again, zoos again:

In one of the videos that had the biggest share in the avalanche of reactions, the movements of a bear who had lived in the zoo all his life after being released into nature caught the eye. The bear paced, just like in the zoo, in this new environment to which he was not accustomed. In another video Living alone in a pool for 10 years Orka (killer whale) Kiska tried to commit suicide by banging her head against the glass. Reactions to these videos, which cannot experience any emotion other than pain and anger while watching, still continue to come on Twitter. Here are some of those posts:

Kiska, the last killer whale left in her prison: