Skywell Announces That It Will Establish a Factory in Turkey

It was announced that Chinese electric car brand Skywell will establish a factory in Turkey. Skywell automobiles will be domestically produced upon completion of the process.

One of the first electric car brands imported to Turkey from abroad. SkywellA very important move came from. Participating in BloombergHT’s live broadcast, CEO Mahmut Ulubaş said that Skywell will establish a factory in Turkey and produce vehicles and batteries. According to the statement, for the factory $1.6 billion investment will be made.

In fact, the fact that Skywell will produce batteries in Turkey has been a known development for a few months. However, the idea of ​​automobile production it was a big bomb. If everything goes well and Skywell starts automobile production in Turkey, Turkey’s second electric automobile factory will be in service. Mahmut Ulubaş stated that the vehicles to be produced in Turkey will also be transported to Europe. will be exported announced.

Official negotiations for investment continue

According to the statement of Skywell Türkiye CEO Mahmut Ulubaş, the process has not yet been completed. in the negotiation phase. Stating that negotiations with the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Presidential Investment Office are continuing, Ulubaş gave the good news that the application process can be completed within 3 months. The factory to be established will be used for other electric cars in addition to Skywell vehicles. will produce batteries. Of course, Skywell automobiles will now be labeled as domestic.


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Prejudices about electric cars in both Türkiye and Europe starting to break Mahmut Ulubaş stated that Turkey is a market that can appeal to all of Europe. Stating that they are positive about the future, Skywell Türkiye CEO said that the sector has 39 thousand employees. While waiting for electric car sales 60 thousand He stated that it is important to see the numbers.

Broadcast attended by Mahmut Ulubaş from here you can watch.

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