SIX in Switzerland Becomes First to License as a Digital Asset Exchange

FINMA, which regulates Switzerland’s financial markets, has signed a first on behalf of the country’s financial center and token It gave permission to operate to SIX Digital Exchange and SDX Trading, which provided an environment for trading in the form of trading.

  • SDX Trading AG, a subsidiary of SIX Digital Exchange, is licensed by FINMA. digital securities will begin to provide trading, clearing and custody services for

  • Established in 2018, SIX Digital Exchange aims to provide these services. R3 developed by Corda It uses the blockchain platform.

  • Licenses issued by FINMA; It will allow SIX Digital Exchange to operate as a central custodian and SDX Trading as an exchange.

  • SIX Board Member Thomas Zeeb “Making digitalized capital markets a part of the mainstream” He said it was an important step for him.

  • SIX Digital Exchange will work to build a global liquidity network for digital assets over the coming months.

Image: barockschloss/Flickr (image modified by Bulletin)