Silvergate, the Favorite of Banks and Funds, Made a 7-fold Difference to Bitcoin (BTC) in the Last 2 Months

Silvergate, the digital asset-focused investment bank, has outperformed Bitcoin, the pioneer of the cryptocurrency market, in the last 53 days.

With its digital asset-oriented investments the gateway of the cryptocurrency market to traditional finance Described as Silvergate, 1 July since 72% end with rise 53 day only 10% from rising bitcoin 7 floors performed better. Silvergate from 1 July to 22 August 53.30 from dollars 90.58 Bitcoin on the dollar from 19,300 to 21,195 rose.

silvergate from 2013 In addition to the crypto money studies it has carried out since then, it is a stablecoin issuer. Circle its partnership with to MicroStrategy gave about 320 million It really seems to deserve its nickname in the industry, given the dollar’s debt.

Banks and mutual funds, for legal reasons digital assets in their portfolio can’t add. Instead, banks and funds deal with cryptocurrency markets like Silvergate or Silvergate. high correlation keeping stocks in their portfolios digital asset industry they also follow.

in Turkey too many digital asset mutual fund crypto- money They keep Silvergate shares in their portfolio in order to follow the market closely.

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