Shut Down For More Than Half a Day, Solana Is Back

Solana (SOL) validators have successfully rebooted the blockchain with the update following a stability issue that lasted for nearly 20 hours.

Solana Foundation team made an announcement yesterday at 15:38 Turkey time that there was a stability issue in the Solana blockchain and the situation was “inspected by engineers”. announced.

Regarding the cause of the problem in the statementon the Solana blockchain number of transactions per second It was stated that it went up to 400,000, so some nodes were offline after the fork.

Anatoly Yakovenko, CEO of Solana Labs, said that this increase in the number of transactions “From bots flocking to an IDO in Raydium” explained the origin. Raydium hosted the first decentralized exchange offering of Grape Protocol at 15:00 Turkish time yesterday.

Solana’s own site, which stands out with its low transaction fees, has the Solana blockchain. “The fastest growing ecosystem and fastest blockchain in the crypto world with over 400 projects spanning DeFi, NFT, Web3, and more” is stated to be.

On Discord to solve the problem in blockchain requested to collect validators, network in a few hours to restart began to prepare.

According to the statement made at 09:01, the validators who switched to the 1.6.25 update, which came in the morning, are using the blockchain. they rebooted successfully. Solana-based decentralized applications and similar systems will recover “within the next few hours” Waiting.

Total in terms of locked assets (TVL) Valued at more than $11.4 billion The issue on the Solana blockchain, which hosts the asset, took more than 15 hours to resolve. Solana Labs CEO, for the breakdown, “It is better to live now than when the number of users reaches one billion.” said.