Several Banks in Europe Are Preparing to Offer Cryptocurrency Services to Their Customers

Bitstamp, one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, is in talks with several European banks that are considering entering the cryptocurrency industry.

According to information provided by CoinDesk in the first quarter of next year to its customers cryptocurrency service considering offering three major European banksreceives support from Bitstamp in this regard.

bitstamp, Bitstamp-as-a-service to banks and fintech companies within the scope of the service it offers under the name cryptocurrency buying and selling transactions It provides the necessary technological infrastructure support for

According to the statements of Robert Zagotta, CCO of the Luxembourg-based exchange, this service of the exchange attracts the attention of financial institutions in Europe:

There has been an increase in the number of major European banks seeking information from us regarding this service we offer in the last six to nine months. We are in close talks with three banks that are widely known throughout Europe. I think we can make an announcement in the first quarter (of next year).

What the European Union is doing to regulate the cryptocurrency industry MiCA (Markets in Crypto Assets) Its work makes it easier for traditional finance companies in the region to enter the sector.

In the USA, in Europe The exact opposite situation occurs It is said. Zagotta says that some large companies regulated in the US are moving their cryptocurrency-related work to places like Singapore.

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