Sensational Claim from Justin Sun: China Will Re-Accept Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies!

TRON founder Justin Sun claimed that China, where all cryptocurrencies are currently banned, will re-release Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies.

Sun on January 30 in the post he sharedChina’s cryptocurrency transactions tax cryptocurrencies with the decision to implement adoption about big He stated that he took a step forward and suggested that the bans of cryptocurrencies will be lifted.

The country’s tax decision has now made cryptocurrencies a wealth type Expressing that it means to see the individuals and businesses provides a clear regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies in the country. its adoption stated that it will increase

China’s adoption of cryptocurrencies global cryptocurrency market for many use The founder, who stated that he will bring TRON and Huobi’s in china blockchain of technology its development He also stated that he made a significant contribution to the

On the other hand, it is founded by Chinese crypto journalist Colin Wu. Wu Blockchainoperating in China, such as Houbi some exchanges customer information with the Chinese government by sharing its users already taxed request claimed to have. Wu’s unidentified Justin Sun, Huobi’s claims that he based his claims on the source Seychelles is a registered company and international legal aid procedure except when it does not comply customer data with tax authorities can’t share replied by saying.

Sun also recently Tron network’s native cryptocurrency of TRX currently a legally recognized in the country and 2023 TRX of their target in five different countries more a legal means of payment stated that it should be accepted as

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