Second Edition of Stable Diffusion Released

The second version of Stable Diffusion, one of the most popular text-to-image artificial intelligence, has been released. Artificial intelligence will now be able to produce images in much higher resolutions.

DALL-E 2, Midjourney and stable diffusion Artificial intelligence, such as . Of course, as with every newly developing technology, the rate of development of these technologies is at an incredibly high level.

While the release of these technologies, especially as open source, already makes a great contribution to this development, an exciting announcement came from Stable Difusion today. The team behind AI, Stable Diffusion second version made available.

What does “Stable Diffusion 2.0” offer?

New version of artificial intelligence developed by CompVis Stable Diffusion 2.0will bring the possibility of creating images from text to a whole new dimension. Trained with the LAION-5B dataset, the new model will be able to create higher resolution images, render low resolution images high resolution and offer much more consistent alternatives for images. Let’s take a look at all this in detail.

Much higher resolution images will be available:

stable diffusion 2.0

With Stable Diffusion 2.0, users can 512×512 or 768×768 at resolutions they can get printouts. Additionally, all photos created will be free of adult content by going through LAION’s NSFW filter.

Of course, if you get the photo you want, you will be able to increase its resolution to much higher levels:

stable diffusion 2.0

New version now 2048×2048 pixels and higher It will also offer the possibility of ‘upscale’ in resolution. You will be able to take the sample you like from the images you create and move it to resolutions much higher than 512×512 pixels.

New improvements have also been made in creating images from images:

stable diffusion 2.0

With the new model ‘depth2img’, version 2.0 will be able to analyze images much better. In this way, artificial intelligence can use different alternatives of an image you present. with higher meaning can create.

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