Scientists Announce They Have Produced A Unique Type of Diamond

US scientists have succeeded in producing a new and unique type of diamond. The new diamond, which is claimed to be much more resistant to heat than normal diamonds, is aimed to be used in the industrial field.

With the temperature and pressure below the earth’s crust about three billion years ago The diamonds that begin to form are formed as a result of the carbon atoms starting to crystallize. Diamonds, which are the most valuable jewels in the world, not only revive our aesthetic sense with their visuals, but also The ‘hardest’ substance ever discovered by man in position.

Scientists have now succeeded in producing a new type of this precious jewel in the laboratory environment. This new structure, which is more resistant to heat than normal diamonds, is in a different position from all other jewels. The research team at George Mason University in the USA, under the leadership of Howard Sheng, succeeded in producing this unique new diamond.

It is aimed to be used in the field of industry:

The research team found that diamonds formed by normal means ‘crystal structures’ and ‘irregular structures’ states that there are two main types of molecular structures. But this new diamond produced has a molecular structure in the middle of these two types. ‘Paracrystalline’ The pressure used to produce this new diamond, called Earth’s deepest point 270 times higher than the pressure in the Mariana Trench. If the temperature environment in which it is produced over 1200 degrees.


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The researchers state that the new material they produced is very suitable for use in industrial tools, as they are as hard as diamonds and much more resistant to temperature. Claiming that ‘paracrystalline’ structures can also be formed in other solid materials, the team continues to work to make heat-resistant models of other materials.

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