Schooling Rate Decreased by One-Third Due to Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic, which affects many areas of life, has also caused great wounds in education. Hürriyet columnist Nuray Çakmakçı, in her article citing the data of the Ministry of National Education, stated that schooling has decreased by one third this year.

We know that education has been suspended in schools since the first time the coronavirus pandemic was seen in Turkey. This situation caused a great disruption in the education of students at all levels, including primary, secondary, high school and universities. However, not only the aforementioned levels were affected by the closure of schools; those who are just starting their education career The enrollment rate has also dropped drastically.

Hürriyet columnist Nuray Çakmakçı, in today’s article citing the data of the Ministry of National Education, stated that the schooling rate, which was 75 percent at the age of 5, this year. down to 50 percent drew attention. Çakmakçı expressed his wishes about the situation as follows:In this phase of education, which is the most important and affects the schooling of children, I hope face-to-face training continues pre-school enrollment rate exceeds previous years” said.

18 million students are studying in primary and secondary education:

The writer of Hürriyet stated the following in his article:The latest statistics published by the Ministry are as follows: 9 million 352 thousand 605 boys, 8 million 733 thousand 338 girls A total of 18 million 85 thousand 943 students receive formal education.

15 million 194 thousand 574 of the students are official1 million 310 thousand 605 of them are studying in private schools and 1 million 580 thousand 764 of them are studying in open education institutions. 7 million 802 thousand 825 of those studying in public schools are male and 7 million 391 thousand 749 are female students. On the other hand, 723 thousand 749 boys and 586 thousand 856 girls are educated in private schools.”

‘There are 1 million 225 thousand students in pre-school education’:


826 thousand 31 of the active students registered in open education are boys and 754 thousand 733 are girls. forming. 1 million 225 thousand 981 of the students in formal education are in pre-school education, 5 million 328 thousand 391 are in primary school, 5 million 212 thousand 969 are in secondary school and 6 million 318 thousand 602 are in secondary education. Of the 6 million 318 thousand 602 students in secondary education, 3 million 920 thousand 83 receive education in general high schools, 1 million 731 thousand 556 in vocational and technical high schools, and 666 thousand 963 in imam hatip high schools.

Students in private education institutionsThe rate of education in total formal education was 7.9 percent. This rate; 15.8 percent is pre-school, 5.1 percent is primary school, 6.1 percent is secondary school and 11 percent is secondary school.”

‘Net enrollment rate 58 percent for age five’:

face to face education

“The schooling rates for the 2020-2021 academic year are also included in the statistics. Adjusted net enrollment rates; pre-school as 58.53 percent for 5-year-olds, 96.12 percent in primary school, 95.67 percent took place in secondary school and 87.95 percent in secondary education.“

“Net enrollment rates calculated at the level of age groups, regardless of the education level of the students; age 3-5 as 28.95 percentThe age range was determined as 37.62 percent, 4-5 years old, 58.53 percent 5 years old, 97.23 percent 6-9 years old, 98.55 percent 10-13 years old, and 90.76 percent 14-17 years old. ”


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