Samsung’s Smart Ring “Galaxy Ring” Partially Introduced

Samsung held an event where it showed the Galaxy Ring once again. The company stated that this product will be health-oriented. However, it is still unknown when Galaxy Ring will be released.

South Korean technology giant Samsung made a surprise at the launch of the Galaxy S24 family and said “Galaxy Ring“. The company did not make a detailed statement about this new ring at the event that day. Mobile World Congress (MWC 2024The company, which held a new event within the scope of ) events, this time gave more detailed information about its smart ring.

According to the statements made by Samsung, Galaxy Ring, especially related to health functions It will appear as a product.

This is what the Samsung Galaxy Ring will look like:

Samsung Digital Health Unit Vice President Dr. In the statements made by Hon Pak, this device has heart rate, motion sensor and detailed sleep follower Features such as were mentioned. In addition, the menstrual tracker feature for women will also be included in Samsung’s new smart ring.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

Samsung Galaxy Ring; It will be available in Ceramic Black, Platinum Silver and Gold color options. Additionally, these smart rings are suitable for different finger widths. many diameter options It can be purchased with.

As the size of the smart ring, which is described as having a lightweight structure, increases, the battery capacity will also increase. However, the effect of the difference in use is not clear. In fact, Samsung has reduced the lifespan of even the smallest ring. did not explain.

Samsung smart ring

Samsung is very careful about explaining the features of Galaxy Ring. secretive shows an attitude. We don’t know why the company did such a thing, but today’s event reveals that there is not long left for the Galaxy Ring.

The company will sooner or later introduce this product and explain all its features. However, it is unclear when this will happen and how much it will cost when the Galaxy Ring is introduced. we don’t know.

If you want to remember the first introduction of Samsung Galaxy Ring:


Samsung’s First Smart Ring “Galaxy Ring” Announced!

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