Samsung Expands “Fix It Yourself” System

Samsung has patented a new application for the “Fix It Yourself” program that it launched last month. In addition, according to some information, the company will soon make this program available for more countries and more devices.

As in the past months like apple “Fix your own device” starting the system Samsung first offered this system for the Galaxy S20, S21 and Tab S7 Plus models. Samsung officials in the first place only in the USA announced that they wanted to make the system used all over the world and on more devices in the future.

According to some information that has emerged today, Samsung has already started working to spread this system to more devices. Even for this project An app has even been developed.

Samsung’s repair app is patented

For the repair process, which could only be done through the manuals on Samsung’s official site, the company developed a repair application. “Self Repair Assistant” for the patent of this application, in the past weeks filed with the US Patent Office. According to the patent description, this app will provide guides, tips and purchase of necessary parts for repairing supported Samsung devices.

At this point iFixit With the launch of the application, Samsung may make this service available on more devices. In addition, according to some technology analysts, Samsung will launch the “Fix Yourself” service in 2023. will be available in all European countries..


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This service, which is expected to be much more usable in the near future, is much more useful than giving smart devices to the service. expected to be an affordable alternative.

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