Samsung announces World’s First Wireless Home Theater System

Samsung has announced new sound systems decorated with Dolby Atmos technology. Moreover, Q series sound systems are the first in the world to feature this technology as a wireless sound system.

Listening to music is one of the indispensable habits of almost all of us. Leading companies in technology our music experience It continues to come up with developments that take it to the next level every day.

Perhaps one of the most important of these developments was undoubtedly wireless headphones. Wired headphones, which have been in our lives for a long time, could be quite annoying due to the fact that the cables were knotted and they broke down in a short time after the breaks in the cable. However Cables are present not only in headphones, but in many areas of our lives. Samsung, on the other hand, is preparing to narrow this area a little more.

Introducing Samsung’s first wireless home theater system!

Samsung’s new S and Q series home theater systems have a very thin and stylish design. However, this is not the additional plus of home theater systems. Bringing the sound experience to a higher level with its Dolby Atmos feature, Samsung also saves us a little more from the piles of cables we see in our homes. Q series systems are used for this purpose. with wireless technology was produced as But we can expect the new wireless audio systems to be compatible only with Samsung TVs.

The new Q series offers a 60% thinner design compared to Samsung’s popular S series. In addition, it is possible to create a three-dimensional sound atmosphere in order to offer the cinema experience to your home. However, the sale price of the new home theater systems is currently only known in India. Q990B, Q930B, Q800B, Q700B and Q600B in India 31,990 Indian rubles (7,092 TL)for S801B and S61B series From 24,990 Indian rubles (5,542 TL) will be available at starting prices. Turkey prices are not yet known.


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