Russia’s war against Ukraine – all developments

the Even in the event of an end to Western arms supplies, Ukraine would continue to fight against Russia. “If we don’t get weapons, fine, then we will fight with shovels, but we will defend ourselves because this war is a war for our existence,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said in English on the ARD talk show Anne Will ” on Sunday evening. “So the sooner we get guns, the sooner they are sent, the greater the help to us. If weapons are sent later, we will still say “thank you”, but then a lot will be lost, many people will have died.”

Kuleba stressed that no one in the West should believe that Ukraine would be more willing to make concessions without arms deliveries. He added: “The later they send us the weapons, the more people will die beforehand and the more people will fall victim to Russian atrocities and more Ukrainian territory will be conquered by the Russians.”

Kuleba said his country has significantly fewer weapons than Russia. “We cannot win the war with such an imbalance.” In the past few days, the Russians alone have fired 1,000 rockets at targets in Ukraine. That’s why his country also needs air defense systems.

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