Russia’s war against Ukraine – all developments

Western states should of Ukraine for their defensive fight against Russia according to the former NATO commander-in-chief James Stavridis, supply not only tanks but also combat aircraft. “I do think that Ukraine needs fighter jets,” said the former US admiral on Thursday on the ZDF program “maybrit illner”.

On the one hand, he thinks of MiG-29 fighter jets from Poland, which the Ukrainians know how to operate and which could be delivered directly. “They could then be supported by F-16s from the United States.” Stavridis added that equipping them with F-16 fighter jets would take more time because Ukrainian pilots would have to be trained first. However, the Ukrainian Air Force has already done a great job when it came to learning how to use other systems.

At the moment there is a strong focus on the fight on the ground. “But there is also a fight that is unfolding in the skies over Ukraine. And there (Russian President Vladimir) Putin is more successful than he has been on the ground so far,” said Stavridis.

the Delivery of tanks to Ukraine is of “critical importance” at this time, among other things because it is to be expected that Russia will mobilize additional troops in the coming spring. “They are not particularly well trained or very competent, but the quantity will then translate itself into quality,” said Stavridis.

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