Russia’s war against Ukraine – all developments

The new EU sanctions against Russia are in force. The corresponding legal text was published on Thursday in the Official Journal of the European Union. Among other things, the EU imposed sanctions on the Russian right-wing nationalist Alexander Dugin with the package. The reasoning is: “Dugin has ideologically and theologically justified the annexation of Crimea and Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and regards it as a ‘liberation’ of Ukraine from Western influence.” The EU has imposed asset freezes and entry bans on Dugin and 29 other people.

The new package is, among other things, a reaction to the sham referendums in the areas of Ukraine that have now been annexed by Russia.

Part of the package are also IImport bans on certain steel products, cigarettes, plastics, cosmetics and other products worth seven billion euros. In addition, the legal Basis created for the upper price limit for Russian oil sought by the G7 economically strong democracies. This should significantly reduce Moscow’s income. For example, the sea transport of oil products and crude oil from Russia should only be possible worldwide if the oil was bought below a certain price. This is to be achieved by linking certain services, such as insurance for oil transport, to compliance with the rule.

In addition, with the new sanctions further restricted the export of products used by Russia for the war against Ukraine. These include electronic parts, chemicals, small arms and goods that can be used for torture. Architectural and IT services as well as legal advice may no longer be offered to Russia. Also In the future, EU citizens will be banned from holding seats on the governing bodies of certain Russian state-owned companies. Anyone who helps to circumvent sanctions should also be able to be subject to sanctions in the future.

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