Returning to CNBC? A statement came from the channel official!

CNBC-e, which started broadcasting in our country on October 16, 2000, closed down in November 2015 after its broadcasting rights expired. Now, according to the statement made by the former General Director of the channel, CNBC-e is returning to the screens again.

CNBC-e is back on air!

CNBC-e was split into two generations. While business and economy were talked about in the daytime, world-famous award-winning TV series and movies were presented in the evening. After it was closed, the name of the channel was changed to TLC Turkey.

A financial broadcast when the channel is open

Artunç Kocabalkan, the former Editor-in-Chief of CNBC-e, announced that the channel will start broadcasting again on his YouTube channel. Stating that they have been making efforts for this since 2021, Kocabalkan stated that the US channel officials will come to Turkey in February to make deals and that they can start broadcasting in May.

Flash TV ended its broadcasting life;  name changed!

Flash TV ended its broadcasting life; name changed!

Flash TV, which has been on the screen since 1992, announced that it ended its broadcasting life a while ago.

Artunç Kocabalkan said the following during the broadcast;

“I say he will come to Turkey because either with us or with someone else, CNBC-e will be in Turkey. There is a possibility that it will start broadcasting as of May. Hopefully, our efforts in this regard will reach a point.”

“You always say that you need our voice to explain the financial markets, economy and many developments in Turkey right now. We need you too. It is very important to speak the truth in Turkey. At this point, we will do what is necessary until May and we will be here with many commentators.”

Today, the broadcasting rights of many foreign series and movies; On digital streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and Disney. For this reason, various content may not be displayed as before. Even just financial publications can be made.

The removal of the video attracted a lot of attention after the replay of the broadcast was spread on the internet. So what do you think about CNBC-e’s relaunch? You can share your views with us in the Comments section below.

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