Response to claims from Google that it shares user data

Google, which came to the fore with the emergence of the salary inequality applied to its employees in the past days, has been criticized for a long time for allegedly sharing some user data with various states of the world. In particular, Google, which appeared to provide data to the Hong Kong government recently, responded to the allegations in a clear language by publishing a statement on the subject.

The wage inequality that Google applies to its employees has been revealed

According to the reports, Google breaks the laws in many countries and makes unequal pay to its temporary employees.

Google allegedly shared user data with the Hong Kong government

Announcing last year that it will stop responding to data requests from governments around the world, Google has been found to provide some user data to the Hong Kong government in 2020.

According to the Hong Kong Free Press, Google received a total of 43 different data requests from the Hong Kong government last year. However, according to the reports that emerged, it was stated that the company responded to only 3 of these requests.

Sending a statement to HKFP, especially after the increased criticism on this issue recently, Google stated that two of the 3 accepted requests were related to human trafficking investigations and one was related to emergency disclosure, which is a part of the threat to human life.

In addition, stating that none of the data shared with the Hong Kong government includes user data, Google stated in a statement sent to HKFP that user data will not be shared with the Hong Kong government unless cooperation is made with the US Department of Justice.

As it will be remembered, in the past months, there are giant companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and Apple. Asian Internet Coalitionhas threatened to terminate its operations in the country after planned changes to data privacy law in Hong Kong. Thereupon, the world’s leading technology companies announced that they would not accept data requests from the Hong Kong government.