Response from Minister Şimşek to Additional Tax Allegations

Minister of Treasury and Finance Mehmet Şimşek, while giving information about the aims of the economic program implemented in a program he attended, also answered the allegations of increasing additional taxes.

Minister of Treasury and Finance Mehmet Şimşek, Habertürk TV and Bloomberg TV He participated in the joint broadcast and answered Açıl Sezen’s questions. In this broadcast, Minister Şimşek made statements on issues such as the fight against inflation, exchange rate protected deposits, and increased additional taxes.

“The essence of our program is to reduce inflation to single digits.”

Minister Şimşek, the program framework What they revealed in September However, he stated that actual implementation started earlier. Şimşek also said “The essence of our program to reduce inflation to single digits. “We are far from price stability at the moment, but that is our goal.” he said. On the other hand, this is not the only goal announced by the minister.

According to Mehmet Şimşek’s statements, the second aim of the Ministry is permanently reduce the debt ratio below 40 percent. The third goal is to make the current account deficit sustainable. Minister Şimşek announced that they also have targets to exit exchange rate protected deposits, which are a hindrance in achieving these targets, and stated that they are planning a gradual exit without disrupting the markets.

Is additional tax coming to citizens?

Mehmet Simsek

Minister Şimşek stated that the economic indicators are improving and that Turkey incoming money increased While saying that, he also stated that inflation occurred due to the release of the exchange rate. Regarding the additional tax, Minister Şimşek said, “To the citizens, to the markets and to the business world we will not surprise. We will implement whatever the vision in the OVP is. He says we will review tax exemptions there. There will be no increase in the general rates of VAT, income tax and corporate tax. “There will be no regulation on MTV.” he said.

Regarding taxes Minister Simsek Moreover “We do not take steps that will unsettle the markets. We are also working on the issue of justice in taxes. As of now, tax regulation that will disrupt the market, neither in the stock market nor in any other field, is not on our agenda. We have front-loaded the taxes. We have done what is necessary to finance the earthquake deficit. From now on, too “We will do fine workmanship.” He made a statement.


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