Research from the European Central Bank: What Factors Increase Bitcoin Transactions?

In its latest report, the European Central Bank (ECB) touched upon the factors affecting the increase in Bitcoin (BTC) usage.

As the cryptocurrency market continues its rise, its usage areas are expanding day by day. Unable to remain indifferent to this situation, the European Central Bank published its latest 56-page report. Bitcoin and the financial factors that drive its use separated.

In the report presented by the ECB, fiat currency inflation especially in countries that have been defeated by youth Bitcoin of the population And turning to cryptocurrencies place was given.

However, the institution points out that the use of Bitcoin in developing countries is increasing day by day. lack of financial alternatives on the ground more Bitcoin and stablecoin use of can be seen told:

He points out that where traditional finance is damaged, cryptocurrencies offer speculative alternatives, especially in emerging market countries with young populations. National currenciesStablecoins may be used more widely by individuals and companies in the future to compensate for the lack of financial alternatives.

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