Record Broken Cryptocurrency Transactions Last Year!

According to research by blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis, the value of criminal cryptocurrency transactions was broken last year.

According to statements made by Chainalysis today, during 2022, Total value of cryptocurrency transactions made for illegal purposes is $20.1 billion it happened. This represents the highest number of all time.

The cryptocurrency market has had a negative performance over the past year. But while cryptocurrency transaction volumes have declined overall, according to Chainalysis, the volume of illicit transactions has grown sharply.

Moreover, Cryptocurrency transactions of companies included in the US sanctions list incredible growth has been seen. This number is higher than before in 2022. more than 100 thousand times increased.

According to analysis by Chainalysis, illegal transactions during 2022 a notable portion is from coins sent to the Russian cryptocurrency exchange Garantex. is formed.

Chainalysis, the resulting total $20.1 billion this number is just based on blockchain transactions that and illegal transactions that crypto firms may have made outside of blockchain are not included. says.

The company also added that this issue, along with the new findings, may increase over time. he says too. As a matter of fact, the volume of illegal transactions made in 2021 14 billion dollars explained, this number was later as 18 billion dollars was updated.

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