Promodex Full Throttle with the Award-winning “Private Sale Whitelist” Campaign!

Promodex, the world’s first “Programmatic Influencer Marketplace”, completed the project phase and moved on to the funding phase. The native token of the Promodex platform, $PROMO, is offered for sale in 5 different stages, from Seed to Public Sale. The project, which collected 1.2 M USD for Seed, is airdropping 500,000 USD worth of PROMO tokens, with a campaign that will continue until the Public Sale. The project is starting a participation request campaign for the Private Sale, which is only open to influencers and publishers, under the name “Private Sale Whitelist and Special Offers” at 19.00 today.

Promodex; Programmatic Influencer Marketplace

With its innovative services and user-friendly infrastructure, Promodex is the first blockchain-based “Programmatic Influencer Marketplace” platform. The platform brings businesses, brands, projects, new initiatives together with influencers, bounty hunters, followers and publishers of all kinds in the social media environment. After meticulous planning and market analysis, Promodex launched the token sale phases in the cryptocurrency market, with a creative marketing and funding process.

Although there are many influencer marketplaces in the world, there is no infrastructure that programatizes this rapidly growing field. So if you want to campaign with influencers, you have to carry out all these processes manually. A series of intensive processes such as finding suitable influencers one by one, negotiating one by one, planning individual campaigns and controlling one by one are waiting for you. This situation is no different from the race to grab banner space on sites that were used to advertise banners before programmatic advertising in the 2000s. Similarly, Promodex, which completely programmatizes the influencer marketing field, offers every brand or project owner the opportunity to participate in the campaign in a way that many small and large influencers can participate at the same time.

On the platform, which will offer a multi-blockchain infrastructure, each project can organize a campaign by paying with any crypto currency or its own token. In order to ensure a smooth process and effective service delivery, Promodex also uses its own ‘Promodex’ for in-platform use.utility tokenIt releases $PROMO as . The PROMO token is used in many functions on the platform, such as creating campaigns on advantageous terms.

Some of the advantages of PROMO token holders are;

  • Discount on in-platform campaign costs,
  • Staking etc. Additional rewards in DeFi activities,
  • Privileges in airdrop and reward campaigns launched on the platform,
  • Additional bonuses in references,
  • Activity and loyalty rewards on the platform.

The “Seed Round” participation requests for Promodex, which started on October 27, 2021, ended on November 15, 2021. Promodex received a participation request of $ 1.2 million during the “Seed Round” stage, where it sold 18 million PROMO tokens and 2% of the total supply. Therefore, the platform, which cannot respond to all purchase requests, will soon announce the purchase progress list for the 216,000 USD fund determined for the “Seed Round”.

Airdrop opportunity for all participants

You can see the list of prizes for the “All Time AIRDROP & REWARD” campaign, which continues until the Public Sale, where Promodex distributes 500,000 USD worth of PROMO tokens.

  • “Leaderboard” awards for the 250 highest scoring participants

1. -$5,000; 2.- $2,500; 3.-1,000$

  • “Draft” prizes for 25 lucky participants

1.-5,000$; $2-2,500; 3.-1,000$

  • “Participant” award 1

All participants who fulfill all the tasks in the campaign will receive a $10 PROMO token reward.

  • “Participant” award 2

Participants who fulfill at least 1 task in the campaign will be rewarded with special offers on the platform.

“Private Sale Whitelist and Special Offers” Campaign for Influencers and Publishers

Promodex is launching the “Private Sale Whitelist & Special Offers (for influencers)” campaign for influencers, publishers and bloggers on 19 November 2021 at 19:00 Turkish time. The campaign, in which 9 million PROMO tokens with a total value of 162,000 USD will be sold, will end on January 05, 2022, in which the token purchase list is determined in the Private Sale.

During this campaign (Private Sale Whitelist & Exclusive Offer), participants will be able to purchase the PROMO token for $0.018, 14% off the public sale price. The personal purchase limit in the campaign was set at a minimum of 250 USD and a maximum of 1,000 USD. The campaign has identified influencers, bloggers and publishers of all sizes as its target audience.

A limited vesting period will be applied in the Private Sale campaign. According to the program, 20% of the total PROMO tokens sold in the Private Sale will be released during the TGE process. The remaining tokens will be released in 4 different timeframes, spaced every three months.

In line with this goal, Promodex is running its ‘whitelist’ campaign on Gleam. Those who want to participate in the campaign must perform the “Private Sale Whitelist & Special Offers (for influencers)” activities.

In the crypto space, we are aware of how much of a positive impact a project can have when it receives influencer support. Well, what about the presence of thousands of influencers at the heart of a project as the main participant?

Therefore, do not miss the chance to join Promodex, one of the most promising projects of 2021, with a Private Sale and invest in your future.

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