Private Sector in Iran Ready to Assist Government in Crypto Regulation

The head of the Iranian Blockchain Association thinks that it may be insufficient for the Central Bank of Iran to act alone in regulating cryptocurrencies.

Abbas Ashtiani, at a press conference he attended on Tuesday, “We need a special council with representatives from government agencies and private businesses to draft cryptocurrency regulations. How much is this is multidimensional Considering that the Central Bank or the Securities and Exchange Authority may not be sufficiently qualified to set the rules for cryptos.” said.

Although authorized financial institutions in Iran can use cryptocurrencies mined by local miners to pay for imported products, the use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment within the country is not allowed.

Companies that get the necessary permission from the Ministry can legally mine cryptocurrencies. Among the licensed miners, there are also companies with headquarters in Turkey, China and other countries.

to the government more comprehensive regulations Stating that they are ready to help with the “Although most of the plans have not been implemented, the previous government’s efforts to regulate cryptocurrencies they had plans. A plan of the chieftain government it doesn’t seem to existsaid.

“We understand the concerns of policy makers and we assure them that their reservations can be addressed. We are ready to assist in the preparation of rules that will ensure the positive reflection of crypto on the country’s economy, while minimizing crime.”

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