Price Rises 2x as Well-Known Whale Invests in Newly Released Altcoin!

The whale known as Machi Big Brother invested millions of dollars in an altcoin on Blast, which had just transitioned to the mainnet.

Reported by on-chain analysis platform Lookonchain to data took action on March 3, according to Machi Big Brother, He invested heavily in an altcoin called Yes (YES), which was just launched on the Blast network.

Data, Machi Big Brother $3.08 at cost 689 thousand dollars worth 223,420 YES He revealed what he bought. Also whale, 173 thousand dollars worth Claiming 51,911 balance worth 917 thousand dollars 275,331 to YES took it out.

With these transactions, Machi Big Brother managed to become the third largest YES whale. YES was launched on March 3.

Switching to the mainnet on February 29th blastmanaged to get on the radar of investors with altcoins such as YES that emerged in its ecosystem. With the purchase of Machi Big Brother, many whales invested in YES, while the price increased in the last 24 hours. Up 75% to $6.21 reached.

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