Porsche Appoints a Turkish Engineer at a High Level

Porsche promoted Turkish engineer Nazif Mehmet Yazıcı, who has been working for Porsche since 2007. From now on, Yazıcı will be the North American CEO of Porsche Engineering.

German luxury car manufacturer porscheannounced today that he made a senior appointment. According to the statement, Turkish-born engineer Nazif Mehmet Yazıcı, who has been working at Porsche since 2007, January 1, 2024 He will begin serving as the company’s North American Engineering CEO.

In the statements made by Porsche, Nazif Mehmet Yazıcı Praising sentences were made for him. Markus-Christian Eberl, the number one name in the company’s engineering unit, invaluable expertise He said that they were happy that Yazıcı was promoted. According to Eberl, Yazıcı will significantly strengthen the company’s presence in the USA.

Porsche cars in North America will be asked from Nazif Mehmet Yazıcı

Nazif Mehmet Yazıcı.

The promotion received by Nazif Mehmet Yazıcı seriously increased his responsibility in the company. will increase. Because Porsche cars that will be offered to the North American market as of January 1, 2024 full responsibility, will be transferred to Yazıcı. The special functions and features of the vehicles for the market will also be maintained by Yazıcı’s team.


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When Nazif Mehmet Yazıcı started working for Porsche in 2007, the purchased parts quality control was doing. Yazıcı, who served as a leader in various units in the following period, was responsible for the vehicle quality control department at most stages. became the number one name. The experienced engineer seems to be able to handle the responsibility he has undertaken.

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