Popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance has changed its name!

Cryptocurrencies continue to spread. Especially bitcoin, dogecoin and shiba inu units such as attract attention with their popularity. This interest is also on the radar of cryptocurrency exchanges. For this reason, many companies use “bitcoin The best platform to buy and sell!” using ads like

However, recent developments have shown that the extent of this situation has gone much further. According to the information received, Binance UK and CoinbaseSome exchanges, including . BTC, SHIB and DOGE Added phrases like Here are the details…

India bans many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin!

According to a new statement by the Indian government, many cryptocurrencies will be banned, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Binance and Coinbase have changed their name!

As of today, it has decided to make changes to its mobile application. Binance and Coinbasechanged its name. Binance‘s new name on mobile “BTC, SHIB and DOGEWhen updating to ”, Coinbase‘s is “Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, SHIB” happened. No explanation has yet been made about this situation, which is seen as a kind of marketing strategy.

While the reason for the change remains a mystery for now, some claim it’s a strategy to stand out in search results. So will this plan work? This situation, which is made for search engine optimization (SEO), is preferred to rank higher in searches.

For example, in the app store, usersTrade Bitcoin” or “Ethereum” Binance and Coinbase will appear much higher. This will especially contribute to the increase in the number of users. However, it is useful to open a small parenthesis for Binance. The company has made this change in the TR application that it offers only for users in Turkey.

So what do you think about this subject? Why do you think the mentioned cryptocurrency exchanges changed their name? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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