Plan Presented for ‘Reducing SCT to Zero’ in Automobiles

The Automotive Distributors Association announced that a long plan has been presented to the authorities to reduce the SCT to zero. The association also shared the benefits of the plan.

With the regulation made in the SCT tax base in the past days, discounts of up to 50 thousand TL were seen in the numbered vehicle models. But these discounts come in just two weeks. new lost its effect with price hikes. Thus, the expectation of the SCT reduction in the sector has been in vain for now.

Today, an important statement came from the Automotive Distributors Association (ODD). ODD President Ali Haydar BozkurtAt the press conference held in Istanbul, “SCT resetHe explained that they have submitted their work on the subject to the necessary authorities. ODD also shared the environment that could occur after the regulation.

ODD presented a plan to reduce the SCT to zero in 10-15 years:

“The removal of SCT from our lives is not something that can happen overnight. Our suggestion here is to reduce the SCT gradually by executing the process with the right planning.

In the scenario we are working on ourselves, this is in the range of 10-15 years can happen. Of course, we worked on this by considering the sustainability of the country’s economy. The question of how we will create added value from this is also very important.”

So why should SCT be reduced step by step according to ODD?

“While the gradual nature of the process allows companies to manage possible losses, sticking to the plan in order to attract big brands to Turkey will create an environment of trust.

Investments to be brought to the country are a solution for the losses to be experienced on the state side of the process, as well as the reduction of the SCT.”

According to ODD, if the SCT starts to decrease, there may be a spike in automobile sales:

ODD also shared possible scenarios if the presented plan is implemented. Accordingly, the gradual SCT reduction covering 10-15 years will increase the total automobile market to 2.25 million units; and its annual vehicle sales exceeding 1.5 million can take it out.

In addition, with the realization of the plan, more brands/models may be produced outside of sales, with revenues from $30 billion. to the level of 50 billion dollars may come out.

While all this is going on, a new age change is being made in ODD: It will now be named “ODMD”!

ODD also announced at the press conference that the association will go to restructuring. ODD, now “Automotive Distributors Mobility Association (ODMD)‘ will bear his name.

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