Picture-in-Picture and Video Downloads Coming to Twitter!

Two new features have emerged that will improve Twitter’s video viewing experience. The first of these features is picture-in-picture. The second is the video download option. The features will be available to all Twitter users very soon.

The world’s most popular microblogging platform, Twitter, is here with two new features that will improve the user experience. These new features are mostly on Twitter. loves to watch videos concerns users. Let’s take a closer look at the new features on Twitter together.

The first of the features on Twitter, picture in picture mode. You know this feature; You can watch videos and browse other pages in an app at the same time. This feature has reached many Twitter users as of now. Thanks to the feature, which is very simple to use, while watching a video, on the other hand You can read tweets.

Here’s what Twitter’s picture-in-picture feature looks like

For those who want to use the picture-in-picture feature of Twitter, after opening the video, it can be found on the top right on Android and on the bottom right on iOS. shrink button they have to touch. After doing this, you can read the comments about the video in question or to the flow page You can return.


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You will be able to download videos on Twitter as you wish!

Another feature seen on Twitter is video download appeared as. This feature, which some users can test for now, will add a new button “Download video” to the video options section. By touching this button, the user will be able to download a video they watch on Twitter to their smartphone or tablet. When will both features reach all users? unknown for now.

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