Phones with Android 14 Will Function as Webcams

Technology giant Google is preparing to introduce Android 14 along with Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. The new feature noticed in the beta version of Android 14 excited the users.

software giant Googlegenerally schedules software updates around new phone launches. Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro Just before the launch date of the phones, Google this week ‘QPR1’ It released the Android 14 Beta version named. Curious users had the opportunity to download and check this version.

Users who downloaded the beta version noticed a new feature. Thanks to this feature Android 14 Phones running it can be used as a webcam.

This innovation, which stands out in the beta version of Android 14, provides a high image quality, especially for video calls.

With the arrival of Android 14 QPR1 Beta 1, some Pixel phones and eventually other Android devices, now PC, Mac or Chromebook It can be used as a webcam for This long-awaited feature aims to make high-quality video calls easy and affordable.

Earlier this year, Google announced a powerful Android device webcam It was learned that he was working on a feature that allows us to use it as a. This feature was revealed with the Android 14 QPR1 Beta 1 version. To use their phone as a webcam, users need a USB-C They will need a cable. This shows that we can use many devices with Android 14 in this way.

The feature that allows us to use the phone as a webcam was previously available to Apple users.

Thanks to the update released by Apple last year, iPhones, Match It can be used as a webcam for devices. Apple’s ‘Continuity Camera’ Thanks to this feature called iPhones, iPhones can connect to Mac devices wirelessly and video calls and can be used for live broadcasts.

According to 9to5Google’s report, this feature is Google’s latest Pixel accessible in models. When the USB-C cable is connected to the phone and computer, the front and rear cameras of the phone can be used as webcams. When the devices are connected, an icon appears in the notification center, after tapping this icon, the cameras become ready for use.

When we look at the features that will come to Android 14 before, iOS We have seen that it has similar features to the operating system. This feature, which will work similar to the ‘Continuity Camera’ feature of iPhones, Didn’t surprise users much It must be.


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