Performance Tests of 13th Generation Intel Processors Announced

Official performance tests of Intel’s new generation Raptor Lake processors have emerged. According to the tests, 13th generation processors are making a difference to 12th generation processors.

Intel, one of the 2 giants of the processor market, last February lost the lead to AMD. Later, in the middle of 2022, it attracted attention again with its special production processor named i9-12900KF and i9-12900KS. market leader again In recent months, Intel has Published performance tests of Arc processors.

Claiming that the new Raptor Lake processors will be very powerful, Intel officials thought that these graphics cards would dominate the market, and it was expected. Performance tests of the company’s new Raptor Lake 13th generation processors have emerged.

Custom-made processors smash through

The world’s most popular CPU performance testing site. CPUBenchmark According to the results published on the i9-13900K, the most powerful of the 13th generation processors, it is better than the i9-12900KS, which came out in the single thread performance test in the past months. 10%if from its predecessor 12900K 15% faster. Intel i9-13900K 4,833 8-core M2 processor, which is Apple’s most powerful processor, is It remains at 4,082 points.

In multi-threaded performance testing, 54,433 points Alan i9-13900K, on ​​its predecessor 31% more powerful than AMD’s most powerful processor, the Ryzen 9 5950X. 20% faster. Of course, 13th generation i7 and i5 processors are also in the table you can see above. outperforms the more powerful processors of the previous generation.


Intel Gave Tips From Its New Processor That Will Break World Records With Its Speed! (AMD Cries)

However, of course, these processors are not the fastest processors Intel has produced. If you remember, Intel, with its standard speed of 6 GHz and overclocked speed of 8 GHz, with the event it held in Israel last week. He gave hints of the processor that would break the world record..

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