Paribu Beşiktaş Token (BJK) Completed its Pre-Sale: 3 Second Record!

Turkey’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Paribu, Beşiktaş Token (BJK) pre-sale has been completed.

Pre-sale of Beşiktaş Token 12.35 CEST today It was completed in Paribu as of. fan token 500 thousand units the one which… unlocked option While it sold out in record time, while the pre-sale was completed. locked token option yet It looked like it wasn’t completed.

Paribu made a statement on his official Twitter account. in the statement He made the following statements:

500 thousand unlocked Beşiktaş Tokens were sold out in 3 seconds.

Statements from the fan token launch

Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Çebi, in his statement at the Beşiktaş Token launch, stated that the fan token process The reasons for the postponement were the prices at that time. and stated that it was because the market was too high and they expected it to fall.

On the other hand, Paribu CEO Yasin Oral made the following statements:

This is a collaboration. The reason why the club waited until today shows that they did not plan to save the day. This is also important for us as Paribu.

In the statement on Paribu’s official website, Beşiktaş Token holders many different will benefit from the advantage And to the future of the club It was stated that it would have an impact.

Paribu for BJK’s unlocked option 500 thousand For the locked option 5 million fan tokens started the sale. Unlocked token price 50 TL, The locked token price is 25 TL is, maximum from both options 200 piece can be taken and in this case, unlocked, at most 10 thousand TLLocked at most 5 thousand TLIt was emphasized that a purchase of .

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