Orion Spacecraft Viewed the Moon [Video]

The Orion spacecraft, which is used in the Artemis 1 project, which aims to realize the return of humanity to the Moon, succeeded in clearly displaying the satellite of our planet for the first time.

In the past years, then-US President Donald Trump has once again They should set foot on the moon he had said. After this announcement, NASA rolled up its sleeves and started working to return to the Moon as soon as possible.

The first of the series of tasks to be carried out for humans to walk on the lunar surface again. Artemis 1 was named. A spacecraft called Orion was also developed for use in this mission. Orion started the test mission Artemis 1 after a very troublesome process. NASA announced that the vehicle is in the desired orbit.

Orion is now headed towards his target

One of the methods used both in space studies and in launching structures such as rockets is the first thing that is launched. high enough to reach a point and then direct it. This situation was no different for Orion. Putting efficiency first, NASA engineers planned to send the vehicle far enough away from Earth’s gravitational field and then place it in the desired orbit. This phase has been successfully completed.

In the last video posted half of the moon It can be seen that it is bright. In the video, it is also possible to see the Orion vehicle and the Artemis 1 mission logo on it. If the camera from which the images were taken Orion’s It is located on one of the four solar panels. According to the video description, Orion was able to capture images of the Moon after maneuvering by arranging its ‘sun wings’. There are 24 cameras on the vehicle with various tasks.

After some delays in the earlier launch process, NASA on 16 November Artemis 1 had launched the necessary launch for its mission. This launch is currently the most powerful rocket in the world. of the SLS rocket It was his first assignment. NASA sees this mission as an important test for crewed Artemis missions and wants to make sure both vehicles are in good condition. Manned missions are expected to be accomplished in 2025.

You can find the video of the historical moments where Orion viewed the Moon below.

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