Orion spacecraft presents new Earth images

The Orion spacecraft successfully flew just 210 kilometers above the Moon’s surface, five days after launching from Earth on NASA’s next-generation Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. During this mission, Orion got very close to the Moon and managed to capture a stunning view of Earth.

Artemis I mission continues successfully

An image taken by the Orion spacecraft, which captured many impressive images during the live-streamed flight, was shared by NASA. In the image, which also includes part of the Orion spacecraft, it is seen that the Earth has almost disappeared behind the Moon.

Orion, who set out as part of the Artemis I mission without a crew, made us experience the disappearance of the Sun and Moon on the horizon, which we are accustomed to seeing, with the image he took. Continuing its journey in lunar orbit, Orion will once again pass very close to our satellite in the coming days.

Astronauts will make yogurt and kefir in space!

The International Space Station astronauts got the machinery to grow tomatoes and make yogurt in space.

It is stated that Orion will stay in orbit for about 1 week as part of the Artemis I mission, where the equipment is tested before the crewed mission. We can expect many more new and impressive visuals from Orion during this quest.

The Orion spacecraft will reach its furthest point from Earth on Monday, November 28. The spacecraft, which will be located more than 430,000 kilometers from the planet, will then circle around the Moon and return to Earth again.

Orion spacecraft

NASA is very happy with the progress of the Artemis I mission so far. After the Orion spacecraft, which is expected to complete its mission by landing on the California coast on December 11, the way to the Artemis II mission is opened. With the Artemis III mission, which is planned to be carried out in 2025, it is planned to take the first woman and black human to the lunar surface.

The Moon mission, which NASA has implemented after long efforts, seems to be progressing successfully. So what do you think about the space agency’s work and Orion’s images of Earth? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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